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Sobre o Projeto. Parceiros do Projecto. Universidade de Malta. Universidade de Creta.

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Universidade de Zagreb. Universidade de Orebro. Universidade de Lisboa.

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Area dos Parceiros. English WP 1. English Consortium Agreement.

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English Finance. English Financial Information. English Financial Reports. English Forms and Templates.

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English Time sheets. English Meetings. English 2nd Consortium Meeting in Croatia July English 3rd Consortium Meeting in Greece May English 4th Consortium Meeting in Sweden Sep English Skype Meetings. English 5th Partners Meeting in Pavia March English 6th Consortium Meeting in Portugal June English Assessment.

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English Assessment Checklist. English Curriculum. English Themes. English Translated Curriculums. English Croatian Curriculum. English Italian Curriculum. English Maltese Curriculum. English Portugese Curriculum. English Swedish Curriculum. English Framework. English Mindfulness. English Optional Curriculum Activities. English Resources. Changeover was the dockland.

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